Clinical Nurse Manager

Position: Clinical Nurse Manager
Contact: Greg Waters
Contact Email: [email protected]
Phone: 205-547-3901
Fax Number: 205-226-0344
Company: MedHelp
Type: Full-Time

With the help of 5 Clinic Leads, The Clinical Nurse Manager will manage 70 full and part time medical assistants in 5 urgent care/family practice clinics in Birmingham. He/she will recruit, hire and coordinate the training of new staff; Develop protocols and procedures to improve staff productivity; Approve payroll while managing overtime; Coordinate and assist with employee reviews; Make purchasing decisions; Examine and resolve complaints from staff, patients and physicians; Manage supplies, personnel and resources in relation to cost containment; Participate in daily patient care delivery; Coordinate monthly team lead meetings; Approve weekly clinical supply orders; Maintain OSHA standards. Requirements: Bachelor's degree preferred 5+ years' experience working in a healthcare setting Excellent written and verbal communication skills Organized and detail oriented Strong time management skills

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