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Active Members are individuals directly employed full time in a supervisory or management capacity in a medical pratice with at least one full time licensed Medical Doctor formally organized for health care delivery OR an individual directly employed full time by a management organization, hospital, hospital system, practice management firm or other business entity that provides administrative and related support services to one or more medical practices of at least one full time licensed Medical Doctor formally organized for health care delivery (these can include MSOs, PHOs, and IPAs). Active members are eligible to hold office, to serve as a director or serve in other capacities of the organization. Active memberships are assigned to the individual level and are owned by the person/entity who paid for the membership.  Active memberships can be transferred to a new individual only if the employing organization paid for the membership; otherwise, membership remains with the individual.  Active Members: $150/Year

Affiliate Membership may be held by individuals employed by or who own a non-medical organization, which provides products or services directly to health care delivery organizations. Examples of these non-medical organizations include Accounting Firms, Consultants, Data Processing / Information Management Systems, Suppliers, Equipment and Insurance organizations.  Affiliate memberships are assigned to individuals but remain the property of the individual/entity who paid for the membership.  Affiliate members are individual and cannot be shared among multiple employees/individuals.  Individuals on a Affiliate Membership cannot vote, hold office or serve on committees.  Due to an increase in affilliate membership, we are not accepting new companies for membership at this time. Applications are being placed on a waiting list and will be accepted as Active membership is increased. If someone from your organization is already a member, you application will be approved.  Affiliate Members: $350/Year ($350/Year For Additional Memberships)

A Student Member is an individual pursuing Business, Accounting, Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management degree and who is currently a junior, senior or graduate student and who is otherwise ineligible for membership.  A student member may pay $10 for each meeting that they wish to attend.

Life Members are individuals who are active members in good standing of MGMA/Birmingham whose employment, association or affiliation with a medical practice has ceased for any reason and who has been a member of MGMA/Birmingham for at least 10 consecutive years prior may apply for Life Member status by written request from the member to the current President of MGMA/Birmingham. A Life Member cannot vote, hold office or serve on committees. Annual membership dues will be waived.

Membership in National and State MGMA is separate and provides different member benefits than Birmingham MGMA.  For more information on MGMA of Alabama, please visit  For more information on National MGMA, please visit

MGMA Membership Application