Speaker: David Randall - The Future of Healthcare (Sponsored by: Franklin Collection Service)

08/19/2020 at 11:30 am

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 David Randall, MBA, senior vice president for strategy and business development for UAB Health System, foresees a time when using Apple each day will keep the doctor away. He notes that computer technology will provide reliable health care information and services, allowing patients to bypass some traditional barriers.

“We’re going to see significant disruption in the health care marketplace from a number of nontraditional providers in areas of access, convenience, and the whole patient-engagement platform,” Randall says. “The biggest impact is going to come from the Big Five: Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. They’re going to transition knowledge that was exclusive to traditional health care providers and put it directly into the hands of consumers.”

Randall says some apps allow phones to conduct ultrasounds or create EKG readouts, and devices’ medical possibilities will increase. He says technology will make it easier for patients to communicate with their health care providers.

“Right now, friction exists between consumers and providers, like the ability to schedule a doctor’s appointment online or have ongoing communication with your provider after your scheduled appointment,” Randall says. “These new technologies will minimize those friction points.”

This technology works both ways, as traditional providers will use telemedicine to reach patients who have difficulty traveling to a doctor’s office or hospital. This will help alleviate some health inequities currently caused by financial status or location, particularly for patients in rural areas.

“We’re investing heavily in telemedicine to provide various points of access and engagement that can meet patients’ demands,” Randall says. “We have to create more contact points, utilizing partnerships as a basis to increase our reach.”