Radiation Oncology RN

Position: Radiation Oncology RN
Contact: Greg Rodivich
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company: Urology Centers of Alabama Cancer Center - Homewood
Type: Full-Time

Job Title:  Radiation Oncology RN

Location: UCA Vann Scott Cancer Center, Homewood

Supervisor:    Chief Radiation Therapist

Job Summary:

Assesses, plans, implements, evaluates, and documents nursing care of patients in accordance with facility and departmental policies and in accordance with standards of professional nursing practice.  This position is accountable for the quality of nursing services delivered by self or others who are under his/her direction.  The registered nurse utilizes specialized knowledge, judgment, and nursing skills necessary to assess data and plan, provide and evaluate care appropriate to the physical and developmental age of patients treated at the Department.

Essential Functions:

I.          Assesses patient physical, psychological, social, spiritual, educational, developmental, and cultural and discharge planning needs.

1.     Reviews patient history and physical with patient/family, assures completion within appropriate timeframe.

2.     Reviews available information obtained by other health care team members.

3.     Reviews diagnostics and laboratory data and reports abnormal results to physician(s) and other appropriate caregivers.

4.     Complete assessment and reassessments according to patient need and as outlined in policy and standards of care.

5.     Formulates a radiation oncology plan of care.

6.     Initiates a radiation oncology plan of care based on patient-specific needs.

7.     Goals for patient are realistic, measurable, and developed in conjunction with the patient/family.

8.     Considers the physical, cultural, psychosocial, spiritual, age-specific, and educational needs of the patient in the radiation oncology plan of care.

9.     Plans care in collaboration with members of the multidisciplinary team.

10.  Reviews and revises the radiation oncology plan of care to reflect changing patient needs based on evaluation of the patient’s status.

II.        Evaluates patient’s progress towards goals and expected outcomes in collaboration with other health care team members.

III.       Documents assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation in the patient record.

1.     Documentation is legible, timely, and in accordance with policy.

2.     Documentation reflects objective/subjective data, nursing interventions, and patient’s response to treatment.

3.     Notes physician orders accurately and in a timely manner.

IV.       Follows safety standards in all aspects of performance of the above essential functions.

1.     Follows standard precautions in the provision of patient care and implements other infection control measures as necessary.

2.     Utilizes equipment according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  Reports/removes unsafe equipment.

3.     Reports/documents unexpected occurrences involving patients and others as appropriate.

Physical/Mental Demands, Environment:

Stand, walk, bend, squat, reach, and stretch frequently; physical agility to respond in a quick manner, perform proper body mechanics, and have the ability to assist patients in ambulating in and out of chair or wheelchair.  Must be able to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills and analyze complex data.

Environment is an outpatient Department with patient care area and associated treatment and procedure rooms that may require maneuvering equipment in tight spaces.  May be required to work in highly stressful and critical situations requiring quick thinking and coordination for a variety of activities at once.  There is potential exposure to hazardous substances. Must demonstrate proper body mechanics.

Scope and Complexity:

Interacts with all levels of staff in a variety of departments including physicians, patients, families, and external contacts, such as employees of other health care institutions, community providers and agencies, concerning the health care of the patient.  Also interacts with doctor’s offices in order to report, ask for or clarify information.

Minimum Qualifications:

Must possess a current valid (pertaining to State of employment) RN license.


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