Medical Assistant

Position: Medical Assistant
Contact: Greg Rollins
Phone: 2059339258
Fax Number: 2059336504
Company: Birmingham Pulmonary Group
Type: Full-Time

The Medical Assistant performs patient-oriented procedures under the supervision of a registered nurse, LPN, Nurse Practitioner and/or physician.

RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Direct patient to proper exam/treatment room; prepare patients for examinations and other procedures 2. Assist physician with procedures as directed 3. Instruct patients in all appropriate procedures 4. Document current patient health history, medications, and other nursing documentation in electronic medical record 5. Receive, return and document phone calls with patients and other members of the healthcare team 6. Post test results and physician dictation in patient charts 7. Maintain, clean and/or sterilize medical and equipment 8. Transport post-PFT patients to their next destination 9. Collect, label and document specimens and transport to laboratory for frozen sections 10. Log all specimen results; send copy to appropriate physician 11. Order and maintain inventories of supplies; set up stock areas for daily use 12. Revise daily schedules to accommodate patient flow; obtain charge tickets 13. Clean exam rooms between patient visits 14. Handle properly the disposal of infectious and/or hazardous waste 15. Perform other tasks as assigned

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