Certified Radiology and CT Technologist

Position: Certified Radiology and CT Technologist
Contact: Alisa Pugh
Contact Email:
Company: Urology Centers of Alabama
Type: Full-Time

JOB TITLE:  Certified Radiology and CT Technologist

SUMMARY OF DUTIES:  Directly responsible for all duties pertaining to the functioning of CT Scanner.  The duties listed below are not all inclusive and they may be required to perform other duties not specifically assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Certified Radiology & CT Technologist

LOCATION:  Homewood

SUPERVISED BY:  Director of Clinical Services


  1. Performs CT scans on patients at the order of the physician.
  2. Accurately interpret physician’s scanning instruction.
  3. Administer contrast materials.
  4. Works with Urologists and Radiologists to set-up CT protocols.
  5. Checks for and orders pre-certification for scans if needed
  6. Serves as point of contact for Radiologists and ensures all CT studies have been reviewed by Radiologist.
  7. Orders all CT supplies.
  8. Assists in the development of patient handouts related to CT scans.
  9. Studies and is aware of factors that influence CT scans and stays current on latest CT techniques and technology. Maintains records and files on CT scans.
  10. Has and maintains skills for proper equipment use, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting.  Reports and coordinates needed repairs of CT equipment.
  11. Sets up, cleans, and restocks CT room.
  12. Cross-trained to provide backup coverage of all radiology procedures and duties in the department.
  13. Performs radiology studies time permitting.
  14. Conducts self in accordance with UCA’s employee manual.
  15. Maintains strictest confidentiality; adheres to all HIPAA guidelines/regulations.
  16. Other duties as assigned.

EDUCATION:  CT Registered and ARRT Registered Technologist


  1. Pleasant and professional personality.
  2. PC skills within an EMR system.
  3. Medical terminology.
  4. Operation of CT/Xray equipment
  5. Professional communication skills.

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